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New computer installation or Migration

Have you purchased a new machine?

Call us to schedule an appointment and one of our technicians will come to your location to setup any Mac or PC.

Pc-Experts will come to your location and:

  • Physically setup your new MAC or PC computer system, including the monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.
  • Configure your new computer to access your existing internet connection and email accounts.
  • Install a Printer, Scanner, external hard drive or any other device.
  • Install any software applications of your choice.
  • Professionally dress all wires and cables.

Careful planning is the key to operating system and application migrations. If not done properly, there is a high probability of disruption to your business, with application conflicts potentially causing poor computer performance and data loss.

Whether it's for a business or an individual home user, whether you got an error from Windows Anytime Upgrade while trying to upgrade, Just sit back while a computer Support Expert connects to your machine via the Internet and does the migration for you.

A good Windows migration solution revolves around an in-depth understanding of data automation, operating system deployment and networking knowledge. Our technical experts can offer you quick Windows and OS X migration solutions at very affordable rates!

Available 24/7 via remote access, Migration is the easiest and quickest way to upgrade to the latest operating system. Contact Pc-Experts we are here to help.

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