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Business Services

Keeping your business Working For You

When your computers work well, they save you time and money. Of course, no machine or system ever built is perfect 100% of the time, so if something ever goes wrong, it feels good to know that you can rely on us completely to have your computers working again as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption to your business operations. 

Preventing Problems Before They Occur

Often we will know of problems before you do, and we can use suitable actions to fix the issue before it becomes a major headache.
Our highly skilled team of Technicians, all with official certifications from both Microsoft and Apple, don't just fix problems when they come up. We carry out regular checks, create and update backups, monitor your network security and create a customised program for you of pro-active maintenance. Our aim is to detect any sign of failure in your hardware and software before it can have an impact on your business.

Your Outsourced IT Department

Let us become your 'Personal IT Department' and we will be there to help you grow your business.
Our helpdesk and network support team will help you resolve any type of IT issues and clarify problems in simple language "We tell you exactly what is wrong and how we are going to fix it!"

Pc-Experts will:

  • Get your systems up and running in the shortest possible time.
  • Be methodical in finding the best possible solution in the shortest possible time.
  • Create solutions with a cost effective manner.
  • Proactive Maintenance, monitoring maintenance services designed to predict and prevent almost every server and network issue prior to them impacting your business, switching from the old "Break-Fix" approach, with better money for value in IT Maintenance.
  • Help you choose the right server and computer solutions for your business needs.

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"Pc-Experts are a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service..."

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