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Call Centers & Voip Solutions

To give you significant cost savings and a highly reliable service, Pc-Experts can converge voice, video and data networks into a single IP network. Moving all communications to the IP network integrates all forms of communication and transforms traditional multimedia end-points, such as PCs, SmartPhones and IP telephones into fully functional communication devices. Pc-Experts offer reliable business VOIP solutions for all type of businesses.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Allows phone calls to be encoded as digital signals and sent over computer networks. We are able to customise our clients' systems to provide software enhancements only previously available in far more expensive systems. VOIP can be used via a normal phone or be integrated with your existing phone system.

Contact us today so we can help you select the right technology to take your business to the next level !

Data and Telephone Cabling is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. If you are relocating or renovating your office or want to expand your network, we can help you get the vital cabling right. With our experience in dealing with a range of VOIP technologies, we can help you design, implement and apply a VOIP solution that will suit your business. We also provide ongoing VOIP support from our certified helpdesk.

Voip Solutions & Benefits:

  • Reduce Call Costs
    (By utilising Internet Bandwidth, voip provides typically charge lower rates than traditional telephony)
  • Reduce Operational Costs
    (This allows you to reduce the number of landlines you have. Simple to maintain through a single, integrated voice-and-data platform for all branch-office needs)
  • Video Conferencing, instant messaging, internet phone calls and web conferencing.
  • Scalability
    (more easily scalable than traditional PABX solutions)
  • Improved Productivity
    (convergence with data network allowing users to attach documents to voice messages, participate in virtual meetings using shared data and video conferencing)
  • Flexibility
    (sophisticated key system and private-branch-exchange PBX capabilities, take your VOIP network anywhere and use it anywhere there's an internet connection)
  • Remote Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Real-time accounts Web Portal
  • No minimum call spend
  • All the familiar features of PABX Systems are available
    (You can find features such as direct in-dial, ringing groups, and so on)
  • If you have a PABX we can integrate it to VOIP.

Call Center Solutions

If you are looking for reliable, efficient and cost effective call center solutions, contact Pc-Experts today. If you start small and realise you're going to need more agents, the solution we provide you is fully scalable to meet demand and keep your business connected. With the current changes in technology, before you invest in a traditional telephone systems, consider the advantages of a virtual PABX. VOIP is the way all phone systems will be run in the near fuure, so we encourage you to take advantage of its flexibility and cost savings now.

Your telephone system is essential in your day-to-day business operations and we understand that you need uninterrupted communications. We offer the highest level of customer service, with fast responses to any issue that may arise. We service a large range of telephone systems and our certified staff are on call 24 hours per day. Our service covers you fully on parts and labour and we provide you with remote maintenance (in most instances) and emergency on-site response.

  • Installation and maintenance of all major brands of Call Centers
  • PBX Installation
  • Structured Data & Voice cabling

We have extensive experience in installing telephone systems, including PABX call centers. We can install, configure, upgrade and maintain your PBX call center, so that your business can run efficiently.

Repair PBX Call Center

  • Having problems with your PBX call center?
  • Not able to find an authorized technician to help you?
  • The company you purchased your PBX does not exist anymore?

We can help. Contact us now for a quote.

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