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Business Support & Managed Services

Support and Services for Business Networks

PC-Experts have a highly qualified team who will work with you closely to fully understand the IT needs of your business, so that they can create a secure and highly functional business network for you.

We offer the following services:

Save Money By Being Proactive

Instead of the expensive old "Break and Fix" model that involved extended downtime and all the losses and additional expenses that computer failures cause, we encourage all of our customers to move to Proactive Maintenance, which reduces both your costs and your stress levels.

Our Proactive Maintenance approach to IT support involves a comprehensive range of maintenance and monitoring services designed to prevent server and network issues, detecting them before they have a negative effect on your business. This ensures improved productivity levels for your teams, providing you peace of mind, so you can focus on your core business.

Even if you have in-house IT support, Pc-Experts can provide additional tools and support strategies.

We can also identify under-performing assets, failing Hardware and arising issues prior to them becoming real problems to your business. Early notification provides time to rectify any issues, leaving you with fewer surprises from unexpected failures and increase ROI from your investment in technology.

Control The Cost Of Your IT Support

Imagine knowing what your IT costs were going to be for the coming financial year and imagine your IT assets performing at their best - this is what Pc-Experts offers you.

With our remote monitoring of all the critical components of your IT infrastructure, failures are reduced dramatically, and if anything does happen, notifications are sent to our expert engineers, making sure that you are covered 24 hours per day.

This has the added Benefit that we spend less time performing expensive, critical work and more on value-adding through system optimisation. You save time and money as you increase operational resilience!

All of our support is flexible and scalable, so we can respond as your business grows.

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