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Office Relocation

If you plan on moving to new offices and are concerned about transporting your network, Pc-Experts have the experience with moving IT equipment safely and efficiently, from small networks right up to whole Call Centers and Server Rooms. With our experts forward planning, we minimise downtime, getting your systems up and running quickly and reliably.

If you don't have an IT team or just need extra support and specialist skills, call PC-Experts and we can move your entire IT set up with the minimum impact on your business operations.

We have managed the full relocation and set-up, equipment audits and testing of IT systems prior to and after a corporate move. Our engineers typically conduct an audit of your environment which examines your IT infrastructure and identifies any ageing hardware and potential failure points. We then work with you to put together a plan for your successful office relocation.

We can help you avoid unforeseen costs by consulting at the site of the new office before you sign the lease on any new premises. Call us to conduct our Site survey:

  • Check for Internet availability
  • Phone line availability
  • Wireless interference
  • Internal wiring
  • Available power outlets
  • Where then we organise our services/renovation if needed for the new office:
  • Internet (ISP)
  • Power connections
  • Internal network wiring Phone (VOIP or PBX)

Pc-Experts' complete business IT Relocation services offer a proven and comprehensive approach to assist any organisation relocate their IT infrastructure to new premises.
We have clearly defined project plans and checklists refined over many moves that reduce the effort, cost and distraction involved in a move.

Moving a computer network or sophisticated phone system is never easy and, if not done properly, can be disastrous for your business.

We safely disconnect and reconnect all the equipment on your network and make sure that everything works in the new location as well or better than they did in your previous premises.

For the relocation of Phone Systems, we visit the new location to determine the following:

  • We make sure there is sufficient power and enough power outlets available.
  • We determine if we need to run new cable and/or new jacks to the desk locations within your new office space.
  • We also test the existing phone jacks to check they are all wired correctly to match the requirements for your phone system.

Contact Us to deal with a single point of contact, for a complete move Coordination.

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