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Wireless Networking

Do you have more than one computer and want to share your data, use peripherals like a scanner or a printer and the internet without cables?
Want to setup your computer in another room or move around the office with your laptop?

With wireless technology, it is easier than ever to work anywhere you like within a 100m radius of your wireless router. You can share an internet connection amongst multiple computers as well share files and printers. We will not only configure and setup your wireless network but also encrypt it to help keep it secure from intruders!

  • Improved productivity - A well designed network using high availability and multi-layer redundancy will improve communication reliability whilst increasing internal productivity.
  • Protected data - The information you hold is one of your most important assets. In Pc-Experts the equipment we choose provide cost effective guaranteed secure resiliency.

We can also provide all the hardware you need for a complete wireless environment at affordable prices. 

Your Security is our priority

Does it take you a long time to connect to the Internet? Odds are that the neighbours are using your wireless connection. In fact 70% of wireless connections are not secure and can be intercepted. We come to you and apply encryption on your router, setting security levels to protect your connection, data and wireless transmissions.

We examine your computer for vulnerabilities and exploits and if we discover that additional security is needed we will give you the appropriate options.

Call Pc-Experts, and we will install security features regulating access to your wireless environment.

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