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Computer Sales

Is your computer so old or so slow that you are thinking about replacing it with a new one? There are a lot of computer upgrade steps that you can take to improve your computer's overall performance.

PC-Experts offer a great range of the latest Information Technology products! To help you make an informed decision, our team of skilled technicians will work with you to give you advice on whether you simply need to buy a new computer component and upgrade your computer, or you have to purchase a new one.
We provide computer upgrades for all types of desktops and laptops on many locations across Australia.

We supply and install:

  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Backup Drives
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • and a vast variety of other IT products.

We sell quality products at optimal prices and follow-up every sale with the most professional service and support you will ever experience.

Pc-Experts benefits:

  • A senior technician who will take time to explain your options, answer your questions and help you make a good decision based on what you need, and not what they have on our shelves.
  • We give you superior technical support and service after sales service. All our computer systems come with a 12 Month Guarantee on all parts and labour.
  • If you ever have a problem with a machine that has been purchased from us, one of our technicians will troubleshoot the issue for free.
  • If you need technical support on a computer or any IT device you bought from us, you won't be put on hold or have to speak in a call centre an ocean away. One of our technicians will deal with the issue promptly.

Contact Pc-Experts for computer and IT equipment sales.

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"Pc-Experts are a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service..."

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